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LUX360 kids toothbrush

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- very fine & very soft bristles: 0.07mm very fine and soft carding, the only four months old children have been applied to the 360 degree toothbrush
- original 360 degree brush head: a unique 360-degree design, unlike the traditional toothbrush need to turn the wrist in many ways to brush your teeth, so that the development of immature wrist children can quickly learn to brush your teeth
- patented clean design: patented high density nine-layer bristle design, the effective removal of food from the teeth of teeth and in the bristles, and like a sponge-like mouth and tongue food residue away
- Reduce the risk of swallowing toothpaste Danger: do not need toothpaste, can reduce the use of toothpaste is not accustomed to children and babies on the brushing of the resistance to reduce the risk of swallowing toothpaste